Service Package

You can buy Service Package to our web-site, which would save you money.

With the service package you get: FREE POINTs to start correspondence with ladies you like; FREE Inquiries to Russian brides of your interest FREE chat minutes; FREE intro letters; FREE videos; Discount for multiple purchase of POINTs. We offer the following terms of the Service Package:
Buy our Standard or Standard+ service package to try our services or, if you already know what services you need, just proceed to more advanced service package: Silver, Gold, Platinum or Maximum.
Just look what is included into every package and choose the one you need!
Service package Standard Standard+ Silver Gold Platinum Maximum
Duration 1 month 3 months 6 months ONE year TWO years FIVE years
FREE points 0 1 4 10 35 100
FREE Inquiries 5 20 50 125 275 700
FREE chat minutes 20 75 200 500 1500 2500
FREE videos 10 30 100 500 1000 unlimited
FREE intro letters 100 1000 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Discount on points 1% 3% 5% 10% 10% 10%
Cost 25 USD 50 USD 150 USD 500 USD 1000 USD 2500 USD
*Note: all services are added to your account at the moment your payment for the service package is processed and can be used right away.

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